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The German plants of the AKG Group

An internationally involved family business

The AKG Group is represented by the plant Hofgeismar (Hesse) in Germany.

The headquarters in Hofgeismar comprise of two production companies, one sales company for European and worldwide customers as well as our head office (executive board and central functions such as research and development).
With around 800 employees, the Hofgeismar plant is the heart of the AKG Group, laying in the center of Germany in the aspiring north of Hesse. Apart from numerous hiking and cycling options, your way to Kassel isn’t long. There you can find the Herkules which has been acknowledged as UNESCO world heritage in 2013, along with Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe.

Being founded in 1919 as Autokühlergesellschaft Dortmund, AKG Thermotechnik in Dortmund thrived in times of a rapidly developing industrialization of the Ruhr area and was once the nucleus of the AKG Group. Coolers made of copper/brass and steel have been produced for customers and suppliers in the coal and steel sector for many decades. Repairing industrial and car radiators rounded off the business activities. Since the 1980s there has been a steady renewal of the plant and an alignment of the product range on coolers made of aluminum. Today, the modern plant and its 75 employees produce oil and water coolers made of aluminum as well as intercoolers for OEM customers. Dortmund is also the production and distribution center of the AKG standard cooler series for the European market.

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